Durability Issue
With PROPER CARE the Gold Plating should last a long time, probably indefinitely. If, and that is a big IF, we can control the PROPER CARE.

The electroplating done by ElectroGold actually BOND the 24 Karat Gold in the Gold Plating step to the nickel we exposed and activated, in the first two steps of the Gold Plating process.

Once we BOND the 24-Karat Gold to the exposed and activated nickel;

  • The Gold Plating will not fall off.
  • The Gold Plating will not peel.
  • The Gold Plating will not flake.
  • The Gold Plating will not tarnish.

Gold Plating should last indefinitely with PROPER CARE. However, since we are unable to control the PROPER CARE of the Gold Plating by the consumer, we have no realistic way to say how long the Gold Plating will last.

Please understand that 24K gold is PURE GOLD!. Pure gold (24K) is a bright gold color but it is very soft. A ring of 24K gold would bend out of shape very quickly.

Rings are commonly made of 14K, or 14 KARAT GOLD. This means 14 K is actually an alloy of pure gold (24K) and other metals to make it hardened enough to hold the shape of the ring. (14 parts gold, 10 parts of other metals).

A piece of jewelry made as 12K, means the piece has 12 parts of gold to 12 parts of other metals.

So, the formula is easy to understand.

  • The Gold Plating, as in HGE and other Gold Plating on Jewelry, and 14 K Jewelry, is designed to be worn by PEOPLE in reasonably calm environmental conditions.
  • The 24 Karat SOFT Gold Plating done by ElectroGold on automotive scripts and emblems is worn by vehicles that regularly and frequently drive at speeds above 100 km/h which is a HARSH ENVIRONMENT.

When you get 24 karat gold plating onto a script and emblem, it is important to protect it. ElectroGoldsuggest, at a minimum, a soft wax, such as soft Turtle Wax to put a protective coating on the gold every 6 months.

As an alternative, ElectroGold™ offer a FREE polishing and waxing using a product called "24K ULTRA SHIELD" which puts a protective coating on the gold to original customers every 6 months.

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