Why Us...

ElectroGold™ is the FIRST and currently is THE ONLY Mobile Gold Plater in Malaysia.

In other words, we are the only one able to apply Pure 24K Gold onto any metal or conductive surface whenever and wherever YOU want.

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Metal deposition with ElectroGold™ process is extremely efficient. ElectroGold™ plating solutions (electrolyte) have a very high metal concentration with a fast rate of deposition. The deposit is a genuine 24K Gold with a super fine grain structure. It is hard and free from porosity with virtually no hydrogen embitterment as is often found in conventional plating processes. The metal adhesion is excellent, with low stress and metal fatigue.


Save time and money. Because ElectroGold™ process deposits metal on localized areas, components do not require disassembly and reassembly. There is no need for costly masking, special fixtures, or handling. In addition, costly solution inventory normally needed for tank plating operations is eliminated.

ElectroGold™ utilizes a technological advanced portable yet very powerful electroplating system that is able to molecularly bond Pure 24K Gold directly onto any conductive surface without the need to immerse the item in tanks like the traditional plating system. Therefore, our techniques uses less chemical, thus help keep the cost to the customer down. Our main advantage is that most of our work is done on site, in situ due to the portability of ElectroGold™ system. The entire electroplating process can be performed in any enviroment - research lab, machine shop, maintenance department, production line, clean room, etc. thus insuring a fast, reliable and affordable service.

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ElectroGold™ still uses the time tested 3-step plating process. This three-step process produces the hardest and most durable “true-color” gold finish available in the industry. This is unlike other gold plating technology which, in one step, apply their gold on top of an emblem’s chrome finish to save time & money. The one-step process does not last and often gives a false color to the finished job.

ElectroGold™ prep chemicals used are another reason we feel our plating process is second to none. The stripping and activation chemicals (prep steps) are water based and much more dilute thus protecting the automobile’s finish and requiring very little clean up. All our rinse and mix water is pure deionized thus achieving zero solution contamination by unknown minerals that can degrade the plating results.

Lastly our gold solution is the highest concentrate PURE GOLD electrolyte available and produces most outstanding results.

Our imported 24K Gold Electrolyte has EXCEED US MILITARY SPECIFICATION MIL-G-45204C Type I-III

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ElectroGold can also gold plate:-
  1. Automotive emblems & scripts

  2. Scooter/Motorcycle parts

  3. Plumbing fixtures eg. Faucets

  4. Sporting Goods eg. Golf clubs, fishing tackles

  5. AntiquesJewellery

  6. Electronic components

  7. Awards/Trophies/Coins/CollectablesArts

  8. Crafts projects

  9. And many more....

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