Plating Process

E*lec"tro*plate`, {Electroplating} (Mech.)
Electroplating is the deposition of a metallic coating onto an object by putting a negative charge onto the object and immersing it into a solution (electrolyte) which contains the salt of the metal to be deposited. The metallic ions of the salt carry a positive charge and are attracted to the part. When they reach it, the negatively charged part provides the electrons to "reduce" the positively charged ions to form a molecularly bonded metallic layer.

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ElectroGold™ 3-step plating process.

ein BildElectroGold™ will first strips the chrome coating exposing the underlying nickel plating. This process is required because gold will not adhere well on chrome but will molecularly bond to nickel.

ein BildThis nickel layer is then activated and made electrically “negative” to receive gold positive ions..

ein Bild Finally, our special blend of concentrated 24Kt. Gold electrolyte is applied using the traditional electrochemical process, producing the thickest, multi-layered coating of gold possible.

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